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Communication & Connection

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We need to feel like we belong. A huge part of belonging comes from the connections we form with our people, our tribe. Another comes from being heard, understood, and cherished. Only then, we can thrive.

Words matter. 

Words are powerful. In the end, how you address someone makes all the difference. I try to make that difference and better the world, word by word, copy by copy.

My name is Julia, and I am a writer, designer, and facilitator. I love music and mountains and moving. 

I‘m constantly working on communicating inclusively and unlearning the biases of our western society. We find those in our language and our products and I want to help undo them.

I want to leave this world a better place and make people feel like they belong. That’s why helping people navigate this weird, confusing space is so important to me.

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Work & Current Projects

I am currently working as a Content Designer and UX Writer at Weframe AG as part of a Design Team. Our mission is “better together”: We want to enable everyone to have better meetings using our Products: Weframe One and the Weframe Sessionboard. I also help small women-owned and sustainable businesses with connecting with their users.

Before, I have worked as a music and tech journalist and a marketer in the music, software and automotive industry. 

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